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9. february 2018 at 11:55 | Nauesin
Říkala jsem si, že bych sem mohla hodit svoji slohovku, kterou jsem psala do angličtiny do semináře Writing Skills. Je to poměrně krátké, má to nějakých 700 slov a je to z větší části popis. Ladila jsem to tak nějak anti-utopicky. Téma nebylo žádné, styl volný. Jediné zadání bylo, že to má začínat "In the Czech Republic" (což mě taky právě navedlo na antiutopii. Řekla jsem si, že by to mohlo pokračovat nějakým rokem, tak jsem ten rok dala vzdálený :D a od toho jsem se odrazila a prostě psala, co mě napadlo...) Dostala jsem Ačko a byla za to pochválena :D

˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙˜"*°•..•°*"˜˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

In the Czech Republic in the year 3010 where the term "democracy" had only a formal meaning and where people lived in peace with many different form of lives lived one seemingly ordinary girl. She was half human and about the other half there has been a number of speculations. Noone knew what exactly she was. She lived in the furthest part of an unknown city also at what could be seen as the very end of all civilization. People perceived her as an odd one. She seemed to be living in her own dimension, her own world, if you want. She spent her time mindlessly walking around one of the local woods and humming melodies of god-like songs. She always ran away from her parents. She didn't care. She had no friends. She was known for liking solitude. Not many people knew, though, she was a lover of nature. She liked to spend her time in the deepest part or the forest. She walked right into the centre of it. The centre meant everything to her. She would sit on an overgrown bench, hum melodies and read from one of the books she liked. She liked reading poetry. Poetry about love and death and the meaning of life. Forbidden poetry of old times. The old times her grandmother was telling her all sorts of things about. About people going shopping on their actual feet. About people and their mobile phones. About computers. But also about how horribly blinded people were. How they always thought there were no other living organisms in the universe. How wrong they were. About wars and hatred. About something they called a "global warming", about schools, where children spent most of their time and quite frankly, unnecessarily. About politicians and their campaigns, about lies and pretending. The world she knew wasn't that different, though. And she knew it. The problem was, that only her and very few more people seemed to understand. They were living in the future, the future was now. Humanity managed to step up and make such an incredible progress in technology and science. Medicine, too. From what she heard and read, people weren't able to live more than a hundred years before. Now they had all sort of alien technology and magic which allowed them to prolong their lives. However, at this point there were no pure blood humans, yet still there existed races, which were treated poorly and enslaved. In this future, half-humans and lesser beings co-lived with artificial intelligence. In this world there have been gossips about this one mighty overlord. His presence was undoubtable. You could see posters and flyers flying in the air with warning signs about the Big One. The One. "The One and Only" as she would always sarcastically tell herself right before she would roll her eyes. She could swear, that with his omnipresent presence she always got this feeling of deja vu. Like if she read something similar. She wasn't sure, if it was mentioned somewhere in the history books or somewhere else entirely. Or if she was just making stuff up. The worst thing about all of it was the ignorance of other people. People, who paid no attention to the events happening around them whatsoever. She always thought, that people haven't advanced since the old ages at all. She thought that maybe if they read what she did, that maybe it would be different. That maybe a little bright red light in their brains would pop up and signalize, that what they're doing is exactly what happened once before, only on a bigger scale.

As she sat there on the bench deep in the forest thinking of the past and possible future events, she whispered to the loud noise of silence: "Yeaaaah, right." She closed her book with a light sad smile on her face, put it in her backpack and closed it. Left all her belongings under the bench and continued with her walk, which would eventually end with her toes bending over the edge of the ground. With nothing but long fall ahead.


Yeaaaah zakončila jsem to trochu depresivně :D Ale to já vždycky. There's a certain joy in killing off your characters...

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1 Alethea Alethea | Web | 11. february 2018 at 13:09 | React

Páni, krásne napísané. Má to skvelú atmosféru!

2 Nauesin Nauesin | Web | 11. february 2018 at 14:30 | React

[1]: děkuju c:

3 Simix Simix | Web | 11. february 2018 at 18:55 | React

Tak super, že tvoje dílo mělo úspěch :)
Moje angličtina není asi zase tak dobrá :)
Každopádně tě napadlo zajímavé téma.
Třeba se taky za těch xxx let objeví dívka, která bude v té době jiná.. jako z jiného, předešlého století, co bude mát radši přírodu a knihy :)
Příroda, knihy a podobné věci, to je správná a dobrá věc. Hádám, že za pár let bude všude samá elektronika a ne papírové věci :O
Hezky napsané.

4 Nauesin Nauesin | Web | 12. february 2018 at 9:18 | React

[3]: děkuju moc :D taky to tak vidím no

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